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Ten Tracks Album


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'Ten Tracks' is Leicester based The Hi and Lo's debut album and get's it's full release through Clubhouse Records on 28th March 2011.

The Hi and Lo are two musicians and a boot full of instruments. They play stripped down original roots music. Since forming in late 2007 they have been quick to impact on the UK Roots Music scene. A dynamic live act, the duo have travelled the length and breadth of the country performing their unique brand of original country-folk playing with the with the likes of Roseanne Cash and Jakob Dylan along the way. Paul and Nick both write songs, they both sing. From the back of the room as you come through the door you expect there to be more of them... then after a few songs you realise there ARE more of them, well, more than the sum of their parts anyway, just all rolled into 2! You will marvel at their musicianship, their originality and their verve. You will laugh, you may even sing along and who knows, you may feel you want to tell someone about them though you won't be quite sure what it is you should say...

"...there's this drummer who plays the banjo at the same time...or was he a banjo player who plays the drums?” “...he played harmonica whilst drumming after picking up an electric guitar, and..." “... the guitar player gave his guitar to the drummer halfway through the set and picked up a mandolin"...."They're funny too, in a downbeat kind of way"

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