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Introducing Cale Tyson - Ltd Edition Vinyl LP


About this product

INTRODUCING CALE TYSON - Ltd. Edition Vinyl LP - £17.99 (+ P&P) 

Clubhouse Records has teamed up with Nashville label Knife Tapes to release 'Introducing Cale Tyson, a compilation vinyl record including Tyson's first two EPs. The full-length LP will contain 2013's High On Lonesome EP on Side A and 2014's Cheater's Wine EP on Side B. Together, the two EPs showcase Tyson's refreshing take on the classic country music sound, and thanks to Introducing..., listeners will get to experience that signature style on a warm, lush vinyl record for the first time. 

Introducing Cale Tyson will be pressed on 12-inch 150 gram black vinyl with unique screen-printed sleeves.

Only 300 copies of this limited edition record will be available worldwide! 

1. Honky Tonk Moan 
2. Is The Flame Burning Low? 
3. Lonesome in Tennessee 
4. Not Missin' You 
5. Long Gone Girl 
6. Old Time Blues 
7. Thorn In My Side 

1. Fool Of The Year 
2. Borrowed Love (To Go) 
3. Can't Feel Love 
4. Get Out of Town 
5. Dreams Don't Come True 
6. Oaxaca 

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