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Brothers In Brooklyn

Brothers In Brooklyn


About this product

“Brothers In Brooklyn”- The Dreaming Spires                                                                                                             (Including FREE signed, ltd edition 7” Vinyl Single of “Everything All The Time” B/W “In Our Lifetimes” )

1. Singing Sin City  2.56

2. Everything All The Time  3.30

3. Not Every Song From The Sixties Is A Classic  4.04

4. Look At The Stars (They’re Really Out Tonight)  3.46

5. Laughing & Dancing  3.46

6. Cathie (Carry On)  2.55

7. Brothers In Brooklyn  4.36

8. Woman That You Are  3.07

9. Just Can’t Keep This Feeling In  4.22

10.  Strength Of Strings  6.03

11.  The Dream Inspires  1.50

This June The Dreaming Spires release their debut album "Brothers in Brooklyn” on Clubhouse Records. The album is available as a hand numbered CD Digipack (First Pressing Limited to 1000 copies) with an original cover print by Oxford artist Ben Pritchard and artwork by Trevor Moss. It also includes a detailed booklet with lyrics and chords for all 11 songs. The first 100 purchased direct from the Clubhouse Records website will also receive a free signed copy of The Dreaming Spires’ 7” Vinyl single, “Everything All The Time” b/w “In Our Lifetimes”. Of course, the album will be available in good independent stores and from all major download platforms.

The band bursts fresh out of the box with an enviable musical pedigree. Group members, and brothers, Robin and Joe Bennett formerly played with not one but two influential bands - Goldrush and Danny & the Champions of the World, and co-founded not one but two award-winning festivals, Truck & Wood. They even managed to stage an event (Truck America) in Upstate New York where they jammed with Mercury Rev, Tim Easton and The Jayhawks (all of whom are now fans of the Spires) and toured America backing Mark Gardener of Ride.

It’s the latter experience – traipsing across the States in a beat-up Chevrolet van with no mirrors – that informs much of Brothers in Brooklyn. Whilst albums about tours can be a snooze-fest, The Dreaming Spires take their cue from Mott the Hoople in chronicling the lows and highs of being in a not-quite successful band in an alien land. The real story is in the people and relationships established along the way, and “the real show” is back at someone’s house in the desert hours after the gig finished.

It’s also about the true and inescapable drive that leads musicians to continue pursuing the dream long after any thoughts of guitar-shaped swimming pools have expired – “we do it ‘cos we must, ‘cos we need this the most” – the magic of forming lasting friendships and writing timeless songs.

On “Brothers in Brooklyn” The Dreaming Spires more or less ditch any attempt at sounding artificially ‘modern’ (which of course usually means sounding like a forgotten Flock of Seagulls B-side). This album unashamedly celebrates and name-checks the artists, songs and second-hand vinyl the band love, as does their ongoing club night Covered in Glory at The Betsey Trotwood, where they’ve so far gathered friends to play songs by Big Star, Gram Parsons, The Band and The Byrds.

Having worked with Supergrass producer ‘Dr’ Sam Williams on several tracks, guitarist Nick Fowler suggested the band could steal into his then workplace the Oxford University Music Faculty to record in those august surroundings; they did so to finish off the record, with the help of another Dr Williams (Duncan) and a cast of musical friends and supporters chipping in. After the success of last year’s debut single “Everything All The Time”, this album fills out the picture of what can be achieved by writing 11 great songs and recording them simply with great playing and harmonies, an exceptional offering from a band who celebrate transatlantic brotherhood in style.

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